A sold out Hybrid event with a spotlight on youth and indigenous people.

IWG World Conference on Women & Sport
Hybrid Event
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After being postponed once due to COVID 19 and travel restrictions the challenge was to put together a hybrid event with equal focus and opportunity for the in-person, hybrid and fully virtual audiences. With a focus on sustainability, legacy, youth and indigenous people it was essential that opportunities were provided for those who were unable to attend in person so that they could participate and connect with fellow delegates around the world.


This was an exciting opportunity to work on the 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport which moves around the world


The partnership and efficient event management strategies yielded significant results:

Increased Participation and Engagement

The 2021 in-person conference held in Rotorua attracted 740 participants and 63 exhibiting organisations, highlighting the event's strong support and ongoing popularity among principals. The inclusion of a wide-ranging afternoon activity program, managed by our team, enhanced engagement, offering diverse options for networking and relaxation. Approximately 80% of delegates participated in these activities, reinforcing their positive reception.

Flawless Gala Dinner Experience

Our meticulous venue selection and attention to detail ensured a note-perfect Gala Dinner, a standout event for participants. By managing all aspects of the dinner, including coordination with the venue, suppliers, and sponsors, we created a seamless and memorable evening.

Streamlined Speaker and Session Management

We provided attentive care to speakers and session chairs, ensuring their comfort and smooth presentation experiences. Our team meticulously managed audio-visual facilities to guarantee flawless operations during sessions, contributing to a high-quality content delivery.

Successful exhibition management

Our Sponsorship and Exhibition team, consisting of Nihal, Sarah, and Ani, facilitated a sizeable exhibition, handling sales, contracting, and coordination with exhibitors and sponsors. They provided comprehensive support, creating a portal for easy access to information and assisting exhibitors and sponsors throughout the conference.

Proactive health and safety planning

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, prioritising health and safety was paramount. We developed a robust health and safety management plan in collaboration with the venue and suppliers, regularly updating it to address potential risks and hazards. Clear communication, thorough traffic management planning, and adherence to health and safety protocols ensured a safe environment for all attendees.

Efficient planning process and timely execution

The continuity achieved through working with the same convenor over several years resulted in a more efficient and fulfilling planning process. Clarity of roles and a deep understanding of conference history allowed for streamlined decision-making and a shorter lead-in time, with the 2021 conference organized within a 7-month timeframe instead of the traditional 12 months. This efficiency enabled timely completion of tasks and facilitated informed decision-making for improvements, such as optimising the first timers' function for enhanced early connections.


The long-standing partnership and meticulous event management provided by our team ensured the New Zealand Principals' Federation Conference consistently delivered engaging and seamless experiences for principals. The success of the conference, its growing participation, and positive feedback from participants demonstrated the effectiveness of our collaborative approach and commitment to excellence.

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