Corporate social responsibility

The Conference Company commits to doing right by our people, our community, and the environment. We are actively taking steps to ensure that we create a legacy that we can be proud of in the future. We prioritise the well-being of our people, the preservation of the planet, and ongoing education on best practices. We always strive to excel in all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility because we believe it is not just an option but our duty.

Our key focus areas are:

Our Community


Our industry is well-known for producing mountains of throw-away items to garner goodwill and branding. From goodie bags to name tags, lanyards and more.  But the demand for sustainable, carbon-neutral and green events is now the norm. For many years we have taken a firm stance on sustainably running our business and advising our clients to run their events to be as carbon friendly as possible. We are now taking further action to get verified and to continue to do better.

We are in the process of gaining official Carbon Neutral certification through Toitū Envirocare. We are proud to be working with them to take climate action and are committed to achieving certification as part of The Conference Company’s wider sustainability initiatives. Watch this space in the coming weeks!

As an industry leader, and signatory to International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO’s’) pledge to rid single-use plastic from conferences and exhibitions, we aim to deliver meetings as sustainably as possible and welcome the opportunity to share our know-how.

We encourage all attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and suppliers to consider environmentally friendly options when attending a conference. From electronic registration, name badges printed on re-cycled paper, to the removal of conference bags.

The exhibitor stands themselves can be recycled and we encourage multi-use displays that cut down on wastage and needless strain on our landfills.

Our drive for carbon-neutral and green events can also be seen in our elimination of bus services to conferences. Delegates are now encouraged to walk to the events, helping to relieve traffic congestion and reduce their carbon footprint.

We encourage attendees to use the most carbon-friendly way to arrive at the venue, choosing airlines, car hire that have their own carbon credit programs.

We as a company take many measures to ensure our carbon footprint is as low as possible including:

We have a flexible working environment whereby staff can work from home three days a week. Many staff members live a considerable distance from the office so this significantly reduces their Individual and our collective carbon footprint.

We encourage staff to use environmentally efficient forms of transport when travelling to and from work and to work related meetings such as public transport, walking or carpooling.


We are proud of our people and it’s important to us that our team are happy and feel supported. We have a flexible working environment with just two mandatory office days. We encourage staff development with opportunities for external training and we are big advocates of promotion within the team which has played a part in the fact that we have a high staff retention rate.

The Conference Company is committed to living and breathing a safe and respectful environment that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive - regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability.  Our values promote the way our team engage with each other, and those we come into contact with through company operations. Our values are constantly evolving as we grow.

One of the hallmarks of our company is how our team members support each other, particularly when demands are high at conferences and during virtual conferences.

In summary, our diversity, equity and inclusion policy is as follows:

TCC welcomes and encourages people to Be Themselves. We approach our work with values and ethics. Embrace and support people from diverse backgrounds.

Our team are like the links in a chain, creating connections. Every link is of equal importance, integral to stable and strong connections. Everyone is to be treated in a respectful and inclusive manner.

We are inclusive. Collaboration is at the heart of the way we work. Multiple points of view are encouraged and welcomed. Positive and inclusive language.

Our community

While we have contributed to our community over many years we formed a group late last year to investigate and sign up to a program which was ongoing and involved us in both work time and personal time. The group selected Orange Sky who provide free laundry, warm showers and conversation to people experiencing homelessness.

Connection is at the heart of what we do. There is no doubt that clean clothes and a warm shower make a positive difference, but Orange Sky’s biggest impact in the community is through the hours of conversation that take place each shift on our six orange chairs.

Having seen the increase in homelessness of recent times we feel OrangeSky are making a really meaningful difference and it was a program which was ‘hands-on’ by volunteering to assist on shifts as well as about fund-raising.  The idea of ‘connections’ is central to our purpose as a company, so the opportunities created by the six orange chairs also made OrangeSky seem like a natural fit.

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