Privacy Policy

Data Processing Consent for The Conference Company


We are committed to protecting the privacy of all personal data that event participants provide us.
The following statements describe what we do with data and how long we store it. This ensures
participants are fully informed prior to submitting personal information for the event.

Data Controller Contact
The Conference Company Ltd and The Conference Company (Australia) Pty Ltd
Phone: +64 9 360 1240 (New Zealand) 1800 193 405 (Australia)

Nominated Data Protection Officer
James Brehaut, General Manager
Phone: +64 9 360 1240
Email Address:

Why are we processing personal data?
We ask for personal data to facilitate participants involvement in The Conference Company events.
Participants will be asked to consent to providing data before they submit it.

Logistical third party suppliers that may have access to participant’s personal data
Participant’s data may be shared with other logistical organisations and third parties in order to
deliver the event. Only data relevant to their specific role will be made available to them. The
specific 3rd parties that data may be shared with will be published on an event by event basis, prior
to requesting participant consent.

How long will we store personal data?
Personal data will be retained by us for up to 24 months after the conclusion of the event.

Personal data about your children
We ask for children’s personal data if they are attending this event with participants.

The right to inquire about personal data
Participants retain the right to ask The Conference Company about personal data at any time.

The right to withdraw consent
Participants retain the right to withdraw consent to use their personal data at any time.

The right to forget or anonymize personal details
Participants retain the right to request that The Conference Company forgets or anonymises their
personal data. If someone has attended an event with us, we will retain any financial, tax or event
attendance records for reporting reasons, but will remove all personal data from our database,
leaving an anonymized record for reporting reasons.
If we have provided personal data to third parties we will inform these third parties that a
participant has requested to have their data anonymized.

Please contact us at with any inquiries you may have.