Sponsorship + Exhibition Services

Whether you are looking for full sponsorship service for your event or help bringing an exhibition together, our specialist Sponsorship and Exhibitions team can lighten your load and get the results you want. We appreciate just how crucial it is to maximise sponsorship and exhibition revenue to contribute to a healthy bottom line so our team will develop appealing offers for investors and proactively secure commitments.

Your time to shine

Planning and execution at the highest level

We excel at planning and executing exhibitions with precision and efficiency. Our team coordinates logistics, manages exhibitors, and ensures a seamless visitor experience, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Vendor and supplier management

With our extensive industry networks, we forge strong relationships with vendors and suppliers. We leverage these connections to secure competitive pricing, negotiate contracts, and manage all aspects of services required for your exhibition, from booth setup to audio-visual equipment and signage.

Enhanced attendee engagement

We design captivating exhibition layouts and incorporate interactive elements to boost attendee engagement. Our innovative approaches create memorable experiences, fostering networking opportunities and leaving a lasting impression on your visitors.

Marketing and promotion

Our marketing strategies drive success for your exhibition. We develop targeted campaigns, harness digital marketing channels, and leverage our industry networks to attract exhibitors and attendees. Our goal is to enhance visibility, generate excitement, and ensure a robust turnout for your event.


Strategic planning

We strategically plan every aspect of your exhibition, from venue selection to logistics management, ensuring a unique and positive event experience.

Exhibitor management

We excel at managing exhibitors, providing comprehensive support from registration with clear and helpful communication ensuring their success at the exhibition.

Enhanced visitor experience

We create unforgettable visitor experiences, incorporating engaging elements, interactive zones, and captivating content to delight attendees.

Logistics coordination

We handle logistics with ease, including transportation, shipping, and storage, to ensure a smooth setup and dismantling process for exhibitors.

Marketing and promotion

We develop and execute impactful marketing strategies to generate buzz, attract exhibitors and attendees, and maximise the visibility of your exhibition.

Technology integration

We stay at the forefront of event technologies, integrating registration systems, mobile apps, digital signage, and other tech-driven solutions to elevate the exhibition experience.

On-site operations management

We expertly manage on-site operations, overseeing event staff, coordinating exhibitor and visitor services, and swiftly addressing any issues that arise.

Your vision as our own

We actively immerse ourselves in understanding your goals, aspirations, and unique requirements. We listen attentively, collaborate closely, and bring our expertise to the table, infusing your vision with our strategic insights and creative solutions. We forge a partnership built on trust and dedication, ensuring that every aspect of the exhibition reflects your distinct identity and achieves your desired outcomes. With our active involvement, your vision becomes our shared journey towards success.

Ready to elevate your conference?

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