Awards management

Awards are an important and often hotly contested regular calendar event in many industries. However, the process can be long, complicated, and arduous. We’re one of the few companies in Australasia to offer a complete end-to-end awards management service with our in-house specialist awards team and expert software.

Creating top notch awards

We have the expertise to make the job easier

Our specialised team have years of experience managing awards submission processes. Our team and our systems will manage the process with ease so that you can show up and know that the job is done well.

Accurate and timely outcomes, always

We have the systems and experience to manage all awards projects no matter how complex they are. We are results driven and we take pride in our processes and ability to meet targets and provide an outstanding service while we're at it.

Give your industry awards  the credibility it deserves

Using a professional outsider to conduct the handling of your processes gives your awards credibility. Submissions are managed professionally, and each person has a unique login and entry number which means applicants are responsible for the timely and accurate submission of their entries.

We're a one-stop shop for all your awards needs

We have been in the awards game for a long time which has enabled us to grow and change so that we are always ahead of the game. We have credible systems and solutions which make the job straight forward and gives us the ability to offer full or part service.

Acknowledging your people

We know the importance of recognising success in an industry and the value that people place on awards. It's essential that not only your awards are respected but that you have a process that is efficient, reliable and is a positive experience for you and your applicants.


Dedicated awards team

We’re lucky enough to have a specialist awards team, led by Awards Manager, Clare Kelly, who are highly experienced at managing complex and technically demanding projects.

Bespoke awards management system

We have invested in a bespoke online awards management system, which is reliable, efficient and can handle large volumes of entries securely and with complete confidentiality.

Full service

We can manage all aspects of an awards programme no matter how big, small or complicated it is. We can confidently manage design and entry, right through to the staging of a magnificent presentation ceremony.

Specialist advice

We’re highly attuned to the sensitive nature of industry awards, and the value we can add in our independent ‘outsider’ role.

Making it happen,
in person or online

The last few years called for creativity, and we ran with it. There are many reasons that call for live online broadcasts of awards ceremonies and we are well versed in making it happen seamlessly which requires getting every detail right from lighting to staging and AV.

Achieving your goals

Whether it’s sponsors, applicants, or media attention you are trying to attract we have a diverse and talented team who can help achieve your goals.

Exceptional events,
every time

When it comes down to it, most of the industry are here for the celebration. We can help you meticulously plan stand out events and ensure aspects from banqueting and entertainment through to ticketing and seating are managed with ease.

Depth of experience

With a proven track record of success, we have honed our skills through years of industry knowledge, cultivating relationships with suppliers and ensuring we are providing innovative solutions. When it comes to awards management, it's second nature to us and allows you to focus on other important details knowing that your award process will be managed in a timely and professional manner.

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