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IAWJ International Conference, Auckland

Bringing the 2020 International Association of Women Judges Conference to Auckland


Bringing the 2020 International Association of Women Judges Conference to Auckland 

In May 2020, the 15th Biennial International Association of Women Judges Conference will take place in Auckland, the first time this major international event has come to New Zealand. The Conference is expected to attract more than 600 members of the judiciary from every part of the world. 

The 2018 Biennial Conference recently took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the theme “Building Bridges Between Women Judges of the World”, and drew participants from 77 countries. Previous Conferences have been held in Washington, DC, Arusha in Tanzania, London and Seoul. They have been typically attended by large delegations from countries such as the US, Argentina, the Philippines, Australia and Canada, and representatives from many African nations.

The International Association of Women Judges was founded in 1991 under the banner “Advancing Human Rights and Equal Justice for All”. Its purpose has been to explore and debate themes of human rights, equal justice, humanitarian law particularly as applied to women, gender discrimination and violence. Today the Association has more than 4700 members in 75 countries.

The 15th Biennial Conference will be hosted by the New Zealand Association of Women Judges and the Ministry of Justice, and designed around a proposed theme of diversity. The Conference Company will provide full logistical support and onsite management services. In 2017 The Conference Company prepared the budget for the NZAWJ’s bid to host the event, and was subsequently invited to tender for the conference management contract. 

Recently we completed preparation of early marketing materials, which were used to promote the Auckland event in Buenos Aires. Next steps for the project team will be finalising the venue, developing the programme and inviting speakers.

“The Conference will be an opportunity for our clients to showcase New Zealand and its people, to demonstrate their support for the rule of law internationally and celebrate diversity in the judiciary,” says Jan Tonkin, who led The Conference Company’s successful tender for the contract. “Our brief is to recreate the welcoming, fun atmosphere of previous Conferences, with great food and ambience, and provide a stimulating environment where judges can connect with other judges worldwide.”


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